About Us

Majestea is a premium health and wellness tea line aimed to bring delicious, yet healthy tea blends to the community. Being that teas are filled with an abundance of vitamins and antioxidants, we work to blend teas with exotic spices and fruits to produce scrumptious and wholesome beverages.




We aim to empower the community through providing premium alternatives for daily consumption. We also want to encourage healthier lifestyles and assist in increasing the expectations and awareness of our community.




Majestea was conceptualized by a young mother who desired to birth her baby her way with no restrictions. She wanted to have a water birth in her home and create the space where her baby would be born. She found the perfect midwife and had a spectacular and amazing birth where her baby was born in love and goodness the way she had envisioned. While on this journey, the mother’s midwife recommended an old tea blend designed specifically for mothers during and after their pregnancy. The blend worked wonders for the mother and was enjoyed by her whole family. She decided to bring this blend, as well as other nourishing and tasty blends to the masses. Initially naming the brand Mommy Majestea, she decided to branch out beyond only mothers and create tea blends perfect for the entire family. And Majestea was born.